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Are you wondering what’s been happening to your man? Is he getting testy and irritable? Is he not acting like himself? Does something just seem…off? If you said “yes” to any of these questions, let us formally welcome you to manopause. As women, we experience menopause, but did you know men go through a change at midlife, too?


In this groundbreaking book, we look at men’s midlife changes from a fresh and uplifting perspective. This work, the first of its kind, is written for women, by women. Manopause explains what happens when biological and psychological factors collide with the societal pressures men have carried throughout their lives, pressures that typically ramp up during their 40’s and 50’s. This is the time when men struggle to “man up” – to maintain their strength, heroics, power, and pride – while dealing with issues like falling testosterone, flagging ambition, and, the realization of their own mortality. When they find themselves straining to meet life’s challenges the way they used to, men’s self-image starts to decline and they react in unexpected, often negative ways, even falling into depression or acting out in anger. Suddenly, many of us find ourselves living with a complete stranger!


Manopause brings the happy news that if handled correctly, men’s midlife changes can be extremely positive. Featuring interviews and recent data from some of the most renowned experts in neuroscience, medicine, and psychology, Manopause explains why your men are the way they are, and shows you how to alleviate the confusion, misunderstanding, and discontent associated with manopause. You’ll learn what to expect from your changing man and how his transition will affect every aspect of your life – from family, to the workplace, to sex and intimacy.


Using the information, advice, and practical solutions laid out in this book will help you hold on to your man as you navigate this sometimes challenging, yet exciting, new phase with calm and ease. Always remember that while your manopause man may be working to find his way, so are you. Use these unprecedented ideas to help free your manopause man from the stale traditions of the past, to help him maintain the undeniably irresistible, eternal manhood qualities you love, and help him move forward into a deeply felt and richly fulfilling future.

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