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Manopause is divided into two parts. Part One is the launchpad for your understanding of why men are the way they are. In this section, you will discover the power our culture has exerted over our men, the many ways its influence has shaped their feelings about how they must behave in order to “be a man”, and the ways in which women are equally vulnerable to our culture’s preconceptions of what “a man” should be. This section also highlights the ways in which men can be negatively impacted when change occurs that prevents them from fulfilling their perceived manhood requirements.  And it clarifies what lies behind the behavioral changes that may crop up when unrelenting cultural pressures collide with a man’s physical decline, or when he runs head-on into circumstances, such as an economic slide, over which he has no control.  Finally, it explores the biological differences between men’s and women’s brains, and how those differences can complicate the already complex relationship dance during manopause.


Part Two becomes more specific, exploring a variety of areas and situations that are impacted by manopause on an everyday basis. Here you will find chapters that delve into men’s hormones and emotions, and others that discuss the impact of manopause on sex, family, work and on a man’s interaction with the world around him. In this section you will also read about the many admirable and redeeming masculine traits that you should welcome, enjoy, cherish and encourage in your man.  Throughout these chapters, we have provided first-person stories that will help you to better understand what your man is going through, and tip boxes that offer suggestions and guidelines that will resonate with your desire to make life-affirming changes in every challenging situation.


Taken together, the two parts of Manopause will provide you with a comprehensive, yet sympathetic and friendly guide to surviving his changing life.

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