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It was after an annual birthday lunch with our usual group of friends that the two of us discussed how drastically our conversation had changed over the years. Originally it turned toward fashion, fornication and frivolity; then, sippy-cups, school admissions and kids’ sports leagues. This year the conversation had unexpectedly turned to all sorts of problems with our men and their behaviors.


This incredible shift made a deep impression on us. After that lunch, we began discussing men at midlife more and more. We started putting feelers out to friends around the country. Everywhere, women in our age range, and younger, were experiencing similar changes in their men. We decided we were on to something, and went full-bore into finding out exactly what it was.


But we soon learned our exploration was going to be more challenging then we had anticipated. The fact that men change at midlife is a topic our society prefers to ignore. We all know they do, but no one wants to talk about it. What happens to men at midlife – hormonally, psychologically, socially, culturally and physically – was an area that needed to be more deeply explored, clearly defined and brought out into the open.


And so our journey began. Massive research, interviews with medical, psychological and cultural experts, dialogues with men about their personal stories and hours of woman-to-woman sharing brought Manopause to life. The result is a book that can help to guide you through the most challenging transition in a man’s life.


The insight you gain by reading Manopause will allow you to feel more empathy and patience toward manopause men and their behavior. Men will become better adjusted to their own changes, and more emotionally aware of what they are going through, plus what women are going through alongside them. This new information will help to lessen men’s struggles and release them from cultural pressures. Men will be at peace at home, with their families, at work, with their friends and, most importantly, with their partners. The result will be improved communication and deeper intimacy in relationships.


Now is your chance to absorb the message of Manopause. With men living longer today than ever before it’s time to take the steps to insure that their future is happy, well-adjusted and fulfilled. It is our hope, in writing this book, that we have helped to make this happen.


Lisa Friedman Bloch and Kathy Kirtland Silverman

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